Aero Aviation Battery Systems Applications

Spear's Aero batteries are among the most advanced power solutions in the world that allow for a range of applications from aerospace vehicles to subsea applications and much more. The lightweight design of the Aero family ensures durability while also minimizing unnecessary weight or bulk, allowing them to reach greater heights and lower depths. This unique combination of innovative engineering and precise manufacturing results in premium performance that can be relied on in any situation.

Space and Aerospace Battery Systems

The Aero family has its roots in airframe batteries, where Spear’s power density, modular construction, and extreme safety and reliability initiated a strong partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense. That same ingenuity has drawn us into the newer markets of heavy lift vehicles for the satellite community and energy storage for more electric aircraft (MEA). The most innovative companies in future transportation now work with Spear to develop Aero designs for tomorrow’s vehicles.

Subsea Energy Solutions

Aero batteries are perfectly suited to provide continuous energy to subsea vessels – whether manned or unmanned. The Aero design family of battery systems includes both pressure-tolerant/pressure-compensated batteries as well as those intended to operate at 1ATM. Spear’s engineers utilize Aero’s flexible modular architecture to optimize the spatial footprint while maximizing energy density, permitting minimized indiscretion time. World-class safety is secured by Spear’s chemistry-agnostic approach and innovative safety features, such as limited propagation and the Scalable Battery Management System.

Directed Energy Applications

Spear has a history of providing exceptionally safe power to directed energy applications. Aero batteries feature world-class power density through Spear’s highly developed modular architecture. Our advanced thermal management systems ensure maximum system readiness versus the most demanding shot profiles. Whether defeating UAVs or intercepting missiles, directed energy must not only be powerful, but dependable. Aero batteries are the most versatile solution on the market – able to conform to varied size and power requirements while providing unfailing power to keep the skies and seas of America and her allies safe.

submarine at sea

"Spear has over a decade of experience in providing power 8,000 meters beneath the surface of the sea to thousands of meters in the air."

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High Battery Performance & Uncompromised Safety

The Aero line of batteries brings the best qualities of Spear's innovative systems to the skies and beyond. Spear's engineers have created the Aero line to be highly flexible and allow for the system to be customized to meet the requirements of each specific application. Whether powering a drone or providing energy to a satellite launch vehicle, Spear can ensure that Aero exceeds performance parameters with uncompromising safety.

Custom Capabilities
That Won't Quit.

Spear Power Systems' custom capability is the backbone of their Aeroline of batteries, designed to create and design battery power that meets the most demanding environments. These environments can range from underwater to a battlefield setting, or anywhere above the clouds. Spear Power Systems has set itself up to provide the quality customization necessary for each one of these formidable tasks.

This custom capability allows us to be agile enough to meet any specific customer requirements without fail and without sacrificing on quality. With this feature in place, Spear Power Systems ensures every single custom project succeeds time and time again.

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