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When you need a reliable power source for your aircraft, you can count on Spear Power Systems. Our lithium ion aerospace batteries are designed to meet the unique demands of flight. Whether you need a powerful energy storage solution for a military aircraft or you need to power medical helicopters, our lithium battery design can get the job done.

We provide a reliable battery for the aviation industry because reliability is the one thing that cannot be sacrificed in an energy storage solution. You need energy you can rely on so you can focus on the important task at hand.

As the world’s leading innovator in advanced lithium-ion battery systems, Spear utilizes their cell-agnostic approach to create exceptionally light and powerful energy storage systems. Projects delivered under the Aero brand bring Spear’s ingenuity and relentless commitment to safety to the defense and aerospace industries.

Our batteries are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for use in aircraft. And because they are not based on traditional lead-acid technology, our batteries are environmentally friendly and free of the toxic chemicals that can pose a risk to human health.

Aerospace Energy that Remains Cool Under Pressure

Aero’s custom capability allows Spear to configure products for the demanding environments associated with these applications—beneath the sea, on the battlefield, or above the clouds. Aero batteries optionally feature Spear’s proprietary flame arrestor technology—capable of mitigating emergency gases within the battery—venting them to the external atmosphere at a mere 30° Celsius.

Our technology works to prevent battery malfunction and battery fire so that aircraft applications can go off without a hitch. Spear has created a lithium ion battery system designed to avoid all potential hazards, no matter what external pressures are exerted on the battery system. Whether you’re operating a cargo aircraft or a Boeing jet, the li-ion batteries need to perform properly. You don’t want to be grounded or forced to make an emergency landing due to thermal runaway, over discharge, or a battery cell defect.

To Infinity & Beyond—Lithium Ion Aircraft Systems That Go the Distance

Spear's Aero line of batteries is perfectly situated to power up unmanned aerial vehicles, propel them through the skies, and even provide the necessary energy to run advanced on-board applications without weighing down the system or hindering efficiency. That same streamlined design contains highly redundant safety features - making it an ideal power source for satellite launch vehicles. The Aero line also provides unique solutions that support the U.S. and allied warfighters—whether powering advanced directed energy or manned and unmanned underwater, ground, and aerial vehicles.

Spear has over a decade of experience in providing power from 8,000 meters beneath the surface of the sea to thousands of meters in the air. You can count on us for energy storage devices with the right voltage for your aero application.

Why Choose Spear Power’s Lithium Ion Aircraft Battery Solutions?

Spear Power offers cutting-edge lithium ion aircraft battery solutions that are sure to meet the performance requirements of your project. Utilizing Spear's in-house designed Scalable Battery Management System, you can rest assured that all aspects of your application will be monitored and optimized to ensure maximum power output while keeping safety as priority one. Each battery system is custom built for its intended purpose in order to maximize volume and weight per watt, with renowned applications engineers providing support every step of the way. Spear’s trendsetting solutions take the worry out of powering your aircraft, so you can focus on what really matters: taking flight.

Safety in Monitoring

Aero makes use of Spear’s in-house designed scalable battery management system (SBMS) to monitor all aspects of an application’s performance in order to optimize output as well as identify and terminate unsafe operating parameters. But Spear did not develop a reputation as the safest energy storage solutions manufacturer just by being careful. 


Aero batteries optionally feature Spear's proprietary flame arrestor technology capable of mitigating the temperatures of emergency gases within the system—which can reach an excess of 700° Celcius - releasing them to the surrounding environment at a mere 30° Celcius. Whether you need to power an experimental aircraft or electronics onboard a military aircraft, we have the battery systems that can meet your needs. You can feel confident knowing that our batteries have been safety tested for quality and performance under all types of conditions. Protect passengers and crew, reduce fire risks, and get the job done right with powerful and safe batteries from Spear Power Systems.

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Energized Efficiency

Spear's Aero battery systems are each custom-built for an intended application. This means that no matter the purpose, Spear is able to power your project with a battery that optimizes volume and weight per watt while leveraging Spear’s extensive experience to bring you an astoundingly safe and reliable system. Whether you need a long-lasting power source for a remote monitoring system or a high-energy battery for an electric aircraft, Spear has the perfect solution for your needs.

A Powerful Electrical System Partner

Spear applications engineers work with you every step of the way so that your project’s parameters are properly defined and that your solution meets every performance criterion necessary without compromising on safety or power. Because of Spear’s decades of experience designing and implementing unique battery solutions, you can rest assured that the lifecycle of your project will be streamlined for a shorter date to delivery. When it comes time to flip the switch, Spear will be there alongside you with test results and advanced diagnostic tools to make certain everything works according to plan—and Spear will continue to be there, with timely support and friendly service, whenever the need arises. When it comes to reliable energy solutions, Spear Power Systems has the lithium ion aircraft batteries for any aboveground application, manned or unmanned.

Any Application.

Spear batteries are flying high—powering satellite launch vehicles, US and allied warfighters, and both manned and unmanned aerial vehicles—thousands of meters in the air. Contact Spear Power Systems for more information about our lithium ion batteries.

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